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Evolve: Transform Your Internal Template - Hawaii Retreat/ ONE SPOT LEFT!!!

  • Windward Retreat Center 51 Huamalani Rd, Kaaawa, HI 96730 United States (map)

Yoga & Psychology Retreat
with Nikki Fortin, Registered Psychologist and Rose Reeder Cranio Sacral Therapist

May 16-22, 2019
Oahu, Hawaii at the Windward Retreat Center

Register here. Price: $1650 CAD

This spiritual and psychological retreat is based on integrating spiritual awareness with psychological understandings. The retreat will hold space for you to realize your potential to change unconscious and deeply held belief patterns. It will help you become aware of the patterns that keep you in a stuck place, and how to release, heal and then create new ways of being with and believing in yourself. This retreat is not designed for individual sessions with the facilitator nor will it offer individual therapy---it is based on an educational and self-directed model. We will engage in group discussion and group practices in order to increase insight into our holding patterns so that we can consciously make different choices. It is a retreat meant to empower, provide tools and resources, and will encourage you to fully look at those parts of you that you chose to avoid while being nurtured, supported and cared for.

Daily Schedule: ( please note we will start at 12:00 on the 16th)

7 - 9am: Intention, blessing to start the day, meditation, SATTVA yoga practice, pranayama
9 - 10am: Breakfast in silence
10 - 12pm: Lecture, group work, practical implementation of strategies and tools discussed.
12 - 1pm: Lunch/ silence
1 - 5pm: Free time ( beach, hike, rest, journal, read…)
5 - 6pm: Sunset meditation or lead group journal exercise in silence
6 - 7pm: Dinner
7 - 8:30pm: discussion or Yoga Nidra or Yin Yoga or mindfulness practice

THEMES for the week:

  • Neurobiology of habits, default and protective systems, what are thoughts/feelings, intention setting

  • Genogram (Past) where I come from and how it has impacted me, family of origin, epigenetics

  • Expectations (Future) How my expectations help or hinder, why do I have them, where do they come from? (looking at the mirror of ourselves reflected in the outer world) CORE BELIEF work.

  • My Adult attachment style - to friends, family, children or intimate relationships (how this impacts my relationships)

  • Embodied cognition (heart, head, gut brain) how to create an embodied belief and lasting change.

  • More Harnessing the power of the brain ….continuing and deepening awareness

  • Summary: Intention setting - traditional Hawaiian ceremony, closing circle and how to bring our new learnings home

Retreat Details:

  • one on one cranio-sacral session/treatment with Rose Reeder

    • meals are optional to eat with the group or to take on your own in your room or on the grounds.

    • Silence is to be kept in the sleeping rooms as way to respect shared space.

    • No alcohol or nicotine or recreational drugs on site.